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Restauro e vendita di oggetti per l'illuminazione antica

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I’ve been restoring vintage lighting fixtures for resale since 1992. Focusing on the period from 1700 to 1950, I mainly deal with Liberty and Art Deco lamps and have recently begun working with more modern pieces. My exceptional and highly sought-after specialization developed from an old passion my father has had since in the early 1980s of participating in antique markets throughout the Piedmont region in Italy, including Cuneo, Saluzzo, Pinerolo and Moncalieri. He passed on to me that passion and professionalism, which remain at the heart of our work. We restore the antique quality and function to lighting fixtures using rigorous techniques. Paying close attention to all the criteria of the period to which the object belongs, we leave its authenticity intact. That is the only way that the fixture lighting our homes can bring with it all of its charm and its history.